Enable S3 Suspend For Media Center

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Enable S3 Suspend for Media Center

How to enable S3 Suspend for Media Center, to allow a remote control to place the media center computer into an S3 (STR, suspend-to-RAM) state, and unsuspend from that state.

There’s two common problems putting Media Center into a suspend or sleep state when used with a USB remote control.

The first is that Windows XP or Vista will either immediately resume when suspended, or will suspend to an S1 (POS) suspend state rather than an S3 (STR) state, and the second is that once suspended, the power button on the remote control will not resume the Media Center.

Sleep States


First, download the MCE Standby Tool. Check the webpage for screenshots and instructions on using this tool. The idea is that you select the desired sleep state, and allow only your remote control to resume the system from that sleep state. However, before you will be able to resume using your remote control, you need to ensure that your remote control remains powered when your system is suspended. This depends on your particular motherboard, but there’s typically two ways to ensure that your USB remote control will remain awake while the computer is asleep:

First, check for any options in your motherboard’s BIOS that will allow the computer to wake from a USB device, and enable them. Secondly, check in your motherboard’s manual whether there are any jumpers on the motherboard itself that need to be changed to allow power to the USB port that your remote control is connected to. These may be called +5VUSB or similar. The USB ports on the rear of a computer are more likely to remain powered when the computer is suspended than those on the front, if fitted.


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Updated about 15 yrs, 11 mths ago (February 26, 2008). Know a better answer? Let me know!

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